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What to Wear | Seniors

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Picking the right clothes is one of my most frequently asked questions. Here's what I recommend you bring to your Alpharetta, Milton, or Roswell Senior photography session.

Typically, I recommend that seniors bring 2-3 more outfits than they think they will need so that we have options during our session. I have a mobile changing room we can use throughout the shoot to change into each different outfit. Here's the kind of clothes I recommend: 

CASUAL LOOKS: Bring favorite street clothes to our shoot!

DRESSY LOOKS: These outfits are a cross between casual and formal, "business casual" but less stuffy. Remember, a jacket, blazer, or scarf can transform street clothes into something more grown-up.

FORMAL LOOK: Bring a suit, tux, or formal for more dramatic looks at the end of the session. If you have your cap and gown, we can take a portrait in that too! 

UNIFORM: If you participate in a sport, ROTC, scouts, or other uniformed activity, bring your uniform and accessories from that activity.

PROPS + ACCESSORIES: Using props and accessories is a good way to get different looks out of a single outfit. Think about things that characterize you and your personality: scarves, jewelry, shoes, items from sports, hobbies, and interests.

Helpful Tips

KEEP LARGE LOGOS and CHARACTERS TO A MINIMUM: Small or medium patterns on part of an outfit look fine, but large logos or characters take the emphasis away from you.  

EMPTY POCKETS: Take keys, phones, wallets, and change out of pockets. I've made this mistake before and had to Photoshop out the pocket bulges. I hope to never do that again (grin).

TAKE OFF GLASSES (IF YOU LIKE): If you wear glasses, you can choose to wear them or go without them in the photo shoot. I favor going without--and don't worry, I'll edit out any redness around the nose where the glasses usually sit. My least favorite kind of glasses are ones with transition lenses. No matter what the lighting situation, transition lenses do not look good. If you have an alternate pair of glasses, contacts, or can go without, I would suggest doing so for our photo shoot.

USE ME AS A RESOURCE! When you book me as your Alpharetta, Milton, or Roswell senior photographer, you are always welcome to an over-the-phone consult about what to wear to the shoot. I often help finalize outfit choices in person too!

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